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Old 05-24-2004, 11:14 PM
Ara Samouelian Ara Samouelian is offline
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For several years now, I have been using Pathloss Pl3.0. I have recently changed my computer from desktop to laptop with USB connected floppy drive (Toshiba TE2100). The operating system on the laptop is XP. During the installtion of the latest update for Pathloss pl3.0 I did get the message: ?The disk in drive A: is not formatted properly. Please check the disk and reformat if necessary.? By presssing "continue" several times, I have managed to complete the installation.

The problem now is when I try to run pl3.0. The USB floppy has probloms in detecting the key disk and gives the error message:?The disk in drive A: is not formatted properly. Please check the disk and reformat if necessary.? It makes no difference if I press "continue" or "try again". So at the moment I cannot use pl3.0 using the laptop.

As a trial, I have installed Pathloss Pl3.0 on a desktop with the XP operating system and had no problems during installation and using the program. The key disk gets initialised every time. This means that the problem is due to the USB floppy drive connected to the laptop. For some reason, Pathloss pl3.0 key disk cannot detect this drive.

Has anybody else encountered this problem with pl3.0? Is there a work around this problem, please? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


N.B. I have noticed in a previous post that this problem has been encountered with PL4.0 but apparently the latest update overcame this problem. Maybe Contract Engineering can provide a fix for pl3.0 also.
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