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Old 07-11-2005, 02:38 AM
selly selly is offline
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Is it possible to install a microwave link with the distance about 100km (assume the link is LOS) accross the sea, and the freq. 1400MHz cap 4E1.

please advice
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Old 07-13-2005, 09:04 PM
Jonnathan Jonnathan is offline
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Technically It's possible. Depends on radio and antenna values (gains, threshold, signature, tx power, antenna performance,etc).

The critical situation in this case is not the frequency. It's that LOS that you can get. The First Fresnel zone is big and the terrain bend due K factors as well.

Automatically you have to think in Space and Frequency Diversity to insure good performance. It's important to check the reflection pattern with reflection module in order to set the diversity antennas in the best spacing

I know a 80Km - SDH Link overseas in a Tropical zone, 4.7GHz Space and Freq Diversity and It works well. The antennas are 4x3.7HXP


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Old 07-14-2005, 10:06 AM
Long Hand
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Tell me the location and I can help you with the configurationa and the proposed Antenna hights for LOS or non LOS config.
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Old 07-16-2005, 01:08 PM
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Default LOS


I have designed and installed a 52 Kms link in Afghanistan (Between Kabul and Ghazni) and there is a 72 Kms links working as well. Its Alcatel 1+1 and using SD.


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Old 07-16-2005, 03:55 PM
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Default install microwave with 100km

the key issue here is the Frequency of operation. AsLonghand pointed out earlier the size of the fresnel zone is pretty large. The site must be on a cliff to to have a feasible height structutre that can guarantee LOS at the freq over water (uniform flat terrain).
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Old 08-22-2005, 10:31 PM
Brian Brian is offline
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Default Long microwave paths

I have designed several long microwave paths.

The 2 that come to mind are a 92 km 900 MHz path and a 95 km 6 GHz path.

The biggest concern I had was reflections along the route.

Diversity can help here if required.

Both paths were over very rough terrain and I had no reflections calculated.

When turning up the systems, both performed very well and experienced no outages in several years of operation to date.
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Old 08-23-2005, 04:20 AM
Vic Rhys-Williams Vic Rhys-Williams is offline
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Default 100 km MW single hop

Its possible and no problem with sufficient clearance:
I know first hand of a 4+1 link from Abha Saudi Arabia to Darb a distance of over 100km at 4 GHz. This link carried video, worked well and was only possible because one terminal was at 10,000 ft and the other at sea level. Space Diversity was used with 3+ metre antennas with a reliablilty factor of 99.995%.

Vic R-W
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