Global Land Cover Characteristics Data Base (GLCC World)

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This clutter model provides global coverage at a 30 arc second resolution using 17 clutter categories. Details are available at The primary use of this database will be for link feasibility studies which require an estimate of the land cover elevations to establish antenna heights.

The database consists of a single file - gigbp2_0ll.img (933,120,000 bytes). This file can be down loaded in a zipped format from The size of the zipped file gigbp2_0ll.img.gz is 27,472,786 bytes

The Pathloss program is preconfigured to use this file. Once the file has been down loaded and unzipped, verify the file size. Carry out the following steps in the clutter tab in the GIS configuration:

  • Select the GLCC clutter model
  • Click the Setup button and identify the directory containing the file gigbp2_0ll.img
  • Click the Definition button and edit the base clutter heights for your area.